Department of International Trade


    Department of International Trade aims to provide students with necessary skills and knowledge to analyze global trade relations and markets. Deparment’s courses mainly teach norms and rules of international trade to guide students in mapping risks and opportunities. The liberalization of trade in developing countries such as Turkey requires competent and professional staff bearing the knowledge of international trade regime. Then, our department is found to provide the needed staff for the international trade related sectors. International Trade program mainly relies on courses combining the knowledge of different disciplines such as economics, business administration, accounting and finance. It is designed to provide students with necessary theoretical as well as the practical background to analyze international trade regime.

    Department of International Trade courses languages are 100% Turkish. Training system is based on passing the courses. Relative evaluation system is applied.

    Career Fields

    Graduates of International Trade Department have the opportunity to work in management positions in all types of firms operating at international level, foreign trade, banking and finance-related government agencies, municipal, regional and local trade agencies, chambers of commerce, free zones, economic development agencies etc.

  • mustafa unuvar

    Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÜNÜVAR
    Tel:(232) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14135

  • ECTS Information Package and Teaching Plan
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÜNÜVAR
    Head of Department
    Tel:(232) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14135

    Assist. Prof. Dr. Hakan ÖZKAYA
    Tel:(232 ) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14127


    nehir Balcı

    Research Assistant Nehir BALCI
    Tel:(232) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14118

    Research Assistant Çağlar AKTEPE
    Tel:(232) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14116

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