Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts


    The purpose of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department is to train manager candidates;

    • who has the basic craft knowledge in all areas of gastronomy science at an international level
    • who can follow global developments during his/her personel growth
    • whose management skills has grown
    • who has an analytical approach with the ability in problem solving
    • who can think strategically and who is creative
    • who observes ethic and scientific rules priorly
    • who can make and argue ideas on variable subjects about food and beverage sector
    • who can communicate effectively
    • whos social perception has developed and apprehends the roles and power of his/her partners
    • who can reflect the critical value of integration of gastronomy and tourism intellectually and actually
    • who has adopted continuous development
    • who can benefit from the developments of gastronomy technologies by studying them from the point of both business and consumer in food and beverage sector
    • who can learn and use the related foreign language globally in his/her educational and professional career
    • who knows legal procedure and practice in food and beverage sector’s labor market
    • who adopts lifelong learning
    • who can work individually or in a group
    • who will be able to add values to food and beverage sector and international gastronomy market
    • who are capable of adopting and learning Turkish cuisine and then introducing it to global gastronomy market


    Career Areas

    The graduates of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts program can work priorly in accommodation business and independent food and beverage business. They can also work in food and beverage departments in airports, in cruise ships, in catering business and in all public or private sectors which serve food and beverage

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yılmaz AKGÜNDÜZ
    Tel:(232 ) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14115


    yilmaz akgunduz

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yılmaz AKGÜNDÜZ
    Tel:(232) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14115

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Turgay BUCAK
    Tel:(232) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14103

    gozde bakırcı

    Asst. Prof. Dr. Gözde Türköz BAKIRCI
    Tel:(232 ) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14117

    Lecturer Görkem GİRGİN
    Tel:(232 ) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14152

    Research Assistant Serkan YİĞİT
    Tel:(232) 743 59 98 -743 51 10 / 14116

  • ECTS Information Package and Teaching Plan

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